NUNKERI’s Doubts Lounge

We know that each individual skin has its own characteristics and needs and that this may very well create doubts in your mind as to which are the appropriate treatments and products for your skin type.
To help in this regard, we have created NUNKERI’s Doubts Lounge. This is a space in which we offer you a communication channel with a select group of professional beauticians that know NUNKERI’s products inside-out. Here you will find a complimentary personalized service between you and our beautician to respond to any doubts or concerns you may have.
How does this work?
Simply describe your concerns and questions as precisely as you can using the form below this message. Our expert will then respond via EMail suggesting the appropriate products and techniques for your individual needs.
If necessary, we can even contact you telephonically or through a video call. If this is the case, please also provide us with your contact phone and two or three alternate dates and times at which you would be available for our call.

Miami FL 33176, United States.