About us

In the Australian Aboriginal language, “NUNKERI” means beauty and excellence, two words that express our purpose. We offer products that have not been tested on animals, are 100% vegan and have been formulated with plant-derived ingredients.

We are committed to providing quality products, manufactured under strict ethical standards. Many of our ingredients come from the Australian ecosystem, one of the purest and most pristine on the planet, which has great botanical diversity unlike any other in the world.

This, together with innovation in extraction technology, has allowed us to minimize the stress and degradation of plants. This allows us to obtain the complete plant profile of phytochemicals as they exist in nature, creating more stable, active and long-lasting products.

Our range of products is made for specific skin needs. They minimize signs of aging in young skin, revitalize damaged and worn-out complex, and restore and renew mature skin.

NUNKERI is more than just a line of skin care products. We are committed to providing you with a unique wellness experience, promoting self-care and skin routines and rituals that extend to a healthy lifestyle.

At NUNKERI we are passionate about positively influencing the way everyone interacts with our planet and our communities.

Thank you for being part of the NUNKERI family!


We are three entrepreneurial women with a deep ecological and holistic commitment who decided to follow our dreams and make them come true.

We want to share the eco-friendly Australian way of life and the unique richness of its

botanical diversity by sharing our conscious and comprehensive beauty ideas with you.

Alejandra Martí

I am a nature lover. My life’s purpose is to help improve the environment and to positively contribute to the betterment of our world.

Thairí Guerrero

I am passionate about spiritual growth and a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe that cutting edge technology can be used to create a top botanical skin care range of products.

Liliana Perdomo

I am a dreamer who likes to take action to achieve my dreams. I am committed to contributing to the well-being of today's Woman.


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