In the Australian Aboriginal language, “NUNKERI” means beauty and excellence, two words that express our purpose. We offer products that have not been tested on animals, are 100% vegan and have been formulated with plant-derived ingredients. 

We are committed to providing quality products, manufactured under strict ethical standards. Many of our ingredients come from the Australian ecosystem, one of the purest and most pristine on the planet, which has a great botanical diversity unlike any other in the world. 

This, together with innovation in extraction technology, has allowed us to minimize the stress and degradation of plants. This allows us to obtain the complete plant profile of phytochemicals as they exist in nature to create more stable, active and long-lasting products. 

Our range of products is made for specific skin needs. They minimize signs of aging in young skin, revitalize damaged and worn-out complexion, and restore and renew mature skin. 

NUNKERI is more than just a line of skin care products. We are committed to providing you with a unique wellness experience, promoting self-care and skin routines and rituals that lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

At NUNKERI we are passionate about positively influencing the way everyone interacts with our planet and our communities. 

Thank you for being part of the NUNKERI family! 


We are three entrepreneurial women with a deep ecological and holistic commitment who decided to follow our dreams and make them come true. We want to share the eco-friendly Australian way of life and the unique richness of its botanical diversity by sharing our conscious and comprehensive beauty ideas with you.

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Alejandra Marti

"I am a nature lover. My life’s purpose is to help improve the environment and to positively contribute to the betterment of our world".

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Thairi Guerrero

"I am passionate about spiritual growth and a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe that cutting edge technology can be used to create a top botanical skin care range of products".

Liliana Perdomo

"I am a dreamer who likes to take action to achieve my dreams. I am committed to contributing to the well-being of today's Woman".

Our Commitment


NUNKERI considers that being a vegan brand goes much beyond simply not using animal-origin ingredients nor animal by-products. We consider that being vegan is a commitment and a pact to help reduce the environmental impact and to promote kindness towards animals. 

Because of this, we do not use any of the ingredients routinely used in non-vegan products such as wasp wax, honey, collagen, lanolin and keratin. 

NUNKERI’s vegan products will provide you with unsurpassed results since they are extremely rich in vitamins and have excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, thanks to the power of the unique Australian plants we use. As an added bonus, they will become your best ally if you have sensitive skin. 


NUNKERI believes that the meaning of natural skin care is that we will mind your health by creating natural products manufactured without any synthetic chemicals and by preserving the integrity of the ingredients we use. 

We only use naturally derived ingredients, obtained from herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers. The carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants, and emulsifiers that we use, are all natural. 

This is possible because we use state-of-the-art substance extraction technology and to the fact that we’ve managed to develop unique formulations that take full advantage of the most favorable properties of native Australian botanical specimens. As a result of this, on the one hand we obtain products with the highest quality standards and scientifically proven effectiveness, and on the other, 100% natural products.  

Cruelty Free

NUNKERI firmly believes in respecting animal life and in treating all life forms with due importance and dignity. 

We are a 100% cruelty-free brand, which means that we avoid animal testing throughout our entire supply chain, from primary ingredients to final distribution, when the products reach your doorstep. 


NUNKERI posits that it is not enough to just create products that are safe for you, but that they, and all related materials we use, must also be safe for our planet. 

We are a sustainable brand that has the utmost standards of respect towards Mother Earth. This is why we only use natural ingredients and raw materials that originate from ethically renewable sources. 

We carefully monitor every step of our products’ production process following strict protocols concerning the handling of waste, energy use and water consumption. 

All of our product and packaging materials are compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. 

Made in Australia

From the red sands of the outback to the clear, blue ocean waters that surround the country to the flora and fauna rich rainforests, Australia is blessed with some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. 

This varied landscape offers up a variety of extraordinary Australian botanical extracts typically rich in vitamins and antioxidants which provide a powerhouse of goodness to help nourish and regenerate skin cells. 

Formulated with the very best botanical extracts to showcase the incredible benefits derived from our Australian flora and combined with an array of natural botanicals, NUNKERI Skin Care products will help deliver clear, hydrated and radiant skin.