3 Date Night Ideas

3 Ways to Make Date Night Special

Working busy jobs, maintaining family and social lives, and keeping up with our ever-changing world can make prioritizing date night with your partner a huge challenge. It’s hard to focus on your connection when there’s so much going on. But putting time on the calendar (yes, even if that means physically blocking out time on your Google Calendar or paper planner) to spend with your partner can be crucial to your relationship’s wellbeing. Quality time is a love language, after all, and people who receive and accept love by spending time with their partner need it to feel genuinely loved.

But just making the time and space to be with your partner is half the battle. Ensuring that time is quality time is just as important, and that means being willing to give of yourself, your attention, and your emotions to make sure your partner feels nurtured and loved. Not only can making date night special help your relationship thrive, but it can also give you the chance to do something that brings you closer—especially when that something doubles as self-care.

You’re probably thinking: It’s not a date if we don’t dress up and go out. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s absolutely possible to have a fun, stress-free, affordable night at home that can make you feel just as loved and attended to as something more social, like dinner at a restaurant or a day date to a museum. And in some cases, a date night at home can be even more special than a date night out. You get to stay in your cozy house where you’re already comfy, nine times out of ten you’re saving big money, and the comfort of your home can make it easier to open up and really talk about what’s on each other’s minds.

Now, on the flip side, a date night in can also be an easy excuse to just skip date night altogether and not do anything special. To that, we say hell no. Here are five ways to make date night extra special, even when you’re staying home.

  1. Set aside dedicated time for each other This means jotting down date night on your calendars, letting your friends, family, or even your bosses know you’ll be unavailable, and planning ahead so that you don’t accidentally double book yourselves for something else. Setting time for each other just means prioritizing each other, which is generally an important part of any relationship’s survival. This tells your partner, “I’m choosing to spend this time with you, and you only.” What’s more special than that?
  2. Put your phones away In the same vein, it can be easy to set time aside and still get distracted. Whether you have a demanding job, a needy mother-in-law, or kids who need you 24/7, today’s world can make us feel like we’re being pulled in 100 different directions. That’s why it’s super important to put your phone away during date night. As in, totally away. Like, turn it off and put it in a drawer away. Your post notifications and Amazon shipping updates will still be there when you get back, trust us.
  3. Pick an activity that will bring you closer For some couples, dates look like elaborate social gatherings or adventurous outdoor activities. And while those things can be fruitful and productive for their relationships, that isn’t the case for everyone. Some couples genuinely get more out of date night by just engaging in mutual self-care.

Self-care looks different for everyone, but if you read the words “self-care” and the first thing that popped into your head was the idea of a spa night, you’re 100% in the right place. That’s why we designed our Better Together Couple Skincare Kit—with you and your partner in mind. It comes with everything you need to host the perfect at-home spa night, complete with our Exfoliating Vitamin Crystals, Pink Clay Mask, Cleanser, and two Konjac Sponges. We also went the extra mile to make sure you also get the accessories you need to really make the experience luxurious. You’ll get headbands, brushes, our Mindfulness Essential Oil, and even some Black Rose Tea to amp up the cozy vibes.

Why is a spa night the perfect home date night activity when you can just loaf on the couch and order your favorite pizza? Well, first off, you can do all of the above, thank you very much. Spa night and pizza go hand in hand, obviously. But spa night makes space for pampering. It gives you and your partner the chance to spoil each other and make each other physically feel good and taken care of by gently massaging each other’s faces and immersing yourselves in the natural scents and textures of our lovingly-made products. Tantalize all your senses by indulging in the Black Rose tea and adding the essential oil to your diffuser. Maximum relaxation awaits!

Ultimately, the idea of date night in is to feel connected to your partner, and there’s no better way to do that than to spend quality time together and making each other feel nurtured and loved. We designed our Better Together Couple Kit to do just that—to make you better, together. Learn more about the kit here, and happy pampering.

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